Kenneth Butler – Equine Chiropractor

Kenneth Butler, equine chiropractor
Kenneth Butler, equine chiropractor. © Irma Havlicek
Just as humans benefit from treatment by a specialist if they have mobility restrictions or pain, so too, horses can benefit from chiropractic treatment: manipulation of the neck, lumbar spine, pelvis, hips and legs to take pressure off joints and relieve soreness and stiffness.

Kenneth Butler has been an equine chiropractor for 35 years. He treats Sandie’s horses at HorsePower Riding Academy as well as agisted horses there and many other horses, including racehorses, if they develop problems in movement or flexibility or exhibit signs of pain. It is his years of training and experience that enables him to treat equine mobility issues with such success. He has extensive knowledge of equine anatomy and medical issues that chiropractic treatments may or may not help. Please don’t try to copy anything you see Ken doing in the photos here. To do so without appropriate training and experience could cause injury to the horse and also to yourself.

Ken Butler feeling a horse's neck to try to determine the problem.
Ken Butler feeling a horse’s neck to try to determine the problem. © Irma Havlicek

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